Vanda Jacintho is a luxury evening resortwear and statement jewellery brand. Instantly recognisable the world over for its vivid iconic prints and sculptural shapes, the brand brings together the designer’s unique Brazilian upbringing and unparalleled taste in the arts and fashion. Embodying sophistication and versatility, one size fits all silk panneaux can be worn four ways: a sarong, trousers, a skirt and a dress, whilst jewellery with architectural dimensions lend statement appeal to a woman’s wardrobe.

Born and raised in Brazil, Vanda’s collections are infused with evocative imagery from her childhood memories growing up in the lush tropical surroundings of her family’s farm in the Pantanal region. Jaguars and birds of paradise, corals and wild flowers create a vibrant living tableaux, co-existing alongside inspiration drawn from the aesthetic and decorative arts, and her passion for artists such as Sonia Delauney and Escher.