Vanda Jacintho is committed to honouring the environment. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Brazil, style and sustainability co-exist in each collection. Sustainable Italian silks are painted and embroidered by hand. Hand carved mahogany is ethically grown and sourced from a sustainable plantation in the Phillipines, and reusable resins are hand carved and painted entirely by hand by skilled artisans in Brasil.



Resins we use are the highest quality available on the market to make sure our products will withstand use, care and serve well our customers for long time. We do practice sustainable manufacturing and processes. Meaning we aim to only use the exact amount of resin needed for the product, reducing the excess materials that will be used.

Nothing in the manufacturing process is wasted – we turn any left overs into powder that is then recycled and reused.


Metal Oxidation

Exciting and long color process of metal oxidation. The material is dipped in a solution with vinegar and other natural materials for 10 days.

It is safe and environmentally friendly as it does not release toxic fumes.