Saia Pareô Polvo PB

R$ 2.500,00

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A Saia Pareô Povo PB é uma saia midi com amarração na cintura. A estampa abstrata é inspirada por nosso amor pelo animal marítimo mágico. A saia também pode ser usada de outros jeitos, como uma blusa que amarra no pescoço. 

100% Seda. 

Feito no Brasil. 

The Octopus Wrap Skirt is a mid-length skirt which wraps at the waist. The abstract print is inspired by our love of the magical and intelligent sea animal.

However, just because we call it a skirt does not mean it has to stay a skirt. The ethos of our brand is to create sophisticated versatile pieces for the traveling woman. The Octopus wrap skirt can be tied as at the neck as a long top, and we always encourage our clients to play with our clothes and style them in whatever way they want.

100% Silk. 

Made in Brazil. 

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